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Wealth Management

A Peerless Approach to Wealth Management

As financial issues are ongoing through all stages of life planning your finances will become increasingly important. GPS Wealth Management, LLC has developed a unique process. Our approach is designed to change with your situation, achieve goals and adapt to the financial world.

Client Centered

Step One: Power Priorities™ for Your Future

Our process begins by identifying your concerns and objectives to form your Power Principle™ discussions with our team. Building trust and long-term relationships, rather than individual transactions, is essential. We strive to provide exceptional service and make a difference in the lives of our clients. Knowing what your visions are and taking the right precautions now can help reap greater rewards later.

Step Two: Developing Your Power Plan™

During this process, we work closely with you to identify, develop, and implement your financial plan. Listening closely to your personal goals and discovering what matters most to you is essential. We believe no detail should be disregarded. Your life is expected to change, so your accounts are continually monitored and your financial progress reviewed. We then revise your plan as needed.

Client Centered

Step Three: Moving Forward with your Power Progression™

Your Power Progression™ is designed based on an outline that we develop with you. These processes outline your goals and objectives with all details aligned. Having your goals and plan mapped out will help you chart your progress toward achieving your goals. Your Power Progression™ tools will include state-of-the-art technology tools for you to electronically review your progress and other cutting-edge financial tools as well as an ongoing outline and checklist of what needs to be accomplished to achieve your goals moving forward.

Step Four: Allocating Assets with your Power Portfolio™

At GPS, we do not hesitate to look "outside-the-box" for investment and planning opportunities. Our Power Portfolios™ are designed to achieve your goals regardless of age, risk tolerance or market conditions.  We use modern technology, our own algorithm based system and global independent research firms to mold the appropriate portfolio at a competitive fee. Your money is invested with a diversified, cost-effective approach that utilizes today's most sophisticated investment strategies. We tactically allocate assets into favorable categories rather than taking a cookie-cutter, buy-and-hold approach. This ongoing process is designed to add value to your investment strategies and financial future by actively managing your investments as the financial world changes. We make periodic portfolio changes as opportunities arise so that your portfolio continually reflects our best ideas while also avoiding or reducing unattractive areas in the investment world.