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About Us

GPS Wealth Management, LLC, provides wealth management and asset management services in Plymouth, MN. Make your future one that grows, protects and succeeds. Today's financial world is fast-paced and navigating it takes precision and expertise. GPSWM, LLC (GPS Wealth Management, LLC) is not your parent’s style of wealth manager and investment advisor. We are neither your sibling’s style of wealth managers nor your friends or children's style of wealth managers. The fact is most wealth management and investment advisory firms are built on old outdated strategies, mythologies, technology systems, service models, and more. GPSWM is a modern wealth management firm and investment advisory firm that has invested many resources, time, and energy to create a firm based on the fast-paced world we all live in. Our vision is both global and broad so we can find today's necessary financial planning strategies, opportunistic portfolio construction, tax saving methods and more based on today’s global and fast-paced market place. Think of us as your Global Positioning Satellite as we team with national and global financial and research teams to deliver a robust experience with your success in mind - you need to be positioned properly in a global marketplace and GPSWM is your satellite. GPS provides a series of Power Planning™ ideas combined with sophisticated platforms, state-of-the-art technology, second-to-none service models and client interaction meant to deliver one conclusion—our clients' growth, protection, and success.

Our services are appropriate for successful people who want assistance with managing their finances through every stage of life. Individuals from all walks of life (executives, entrepreneurs, and business owners) can benefit from our wealth and asset management processes.

GPS Wealth Management, LLC is a trusted wealth management firm started in 1995* to serve Plymouth, Minnesota, the surrounding areas as well as the many other states our clients reside. Our team has more than 50 years of combined experience in asset management, wealth management processes, tax, estate, insurance planning and more. We offer complete portfolio management as well as tax, retirement, estate, and college planning services. We help you successfully navigate through all kinds of economic and market cycles: boom and bust or bear and bull.

GPS has a professional financial network of accountants and attorneys located in our building to help us develop, implement, monitor and adjust our clients financial situation for all periods of their life.

*In 1995 we were the Financial Resource Group